Thursday, August 2, 2012

What - Data Disc Recovery

What if your hard drive is suffering from something a bit worse than your daily hard-drive crash? How much damage you can data disc recovery take it before it's gone for good? We wanted to find out what can be salvaged from a computer that had been caused by a natural disaster, so we have a really bad one simulated. We opted for an earthquake / flood doomsday scenario. First, we have two laptop drives, loaded her with test movie and music files, then struck from the rear, the signature belongs to us by clicking on mechanical hard drive failure. Then we have one of the drives in custom-made storm surge flood damage (salt water, debris, oil) immersed and let it soak for four days.

We sent both of the disc hard drives to Ontrack Data Disc Recovery, data-recovery services sold to companies and consumers. Ontrack Jeff Pederson analyzed the drives in the company's history, clean room and found that the read / write heads in our dry drive were bent by data disc or the data disc recovery our abuse and that we scratched records. Our drive was flooded wet, but the plates were not damaged. Pederson replaced the heads and leading a recovery.

The results? Pederson was able to save 99 percent of the data from the dry-drive and 100 percent of the flooded drive. Had we been paying customers, the service would have cost us.

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